Gas springs in automobiles

There are generally three places in a car where gas springs are needed, one is the front bonnet of the car, the second is the trunk car gas spring, and the third is also the seat series of angle adjusters.
First, the car front trunk hood gas spring.
Car front trunk hood page is generally used to buffer the hydraulic rod, because there are times when the slow opening of the front cover requires a buffer force, the joint is generally black, the rod body is also black, because the colour of the engine inside is black, so that the car front cover is the hydraulic rod (damper)
Second, the car trunk gas spring.
Car trunk gas springs because the weight of the back cover is a little heavier than the front cover, sometimes have to support the series of gas springs in the trunk, so the car trunk application is the car gas spring support rod.
Third, the car seat with gas springs.
This is an adjustable and controllable gas spring, also called a locking angle adjuster, because the car seat sometimes needs to adjust the front and rear position and stop at any position, so the car gas spring is the third type with a locking angle adjuster.
To summarise the above point: there are three types of gas spring for cars: the front cover cushion hydraulic rod, the trunk support gas spring and the lockable angle adjuster for car seats.